Equipment Repair and Services

If you designed the Ideal Turbomachinery Repair shop
Mechanical Repair & Engineering would be it.

With the demands placed on critical, high energy  turbo machinery in today's process environments, quality repair and immediate turnaround are paramount. Fortunately there is company that can meet your requirements with professionalism, precision-level craftsmanship, engineering and around-the-clock responsiveness.

Comprehensive Turbomachinery Services

Mechanical Repair & Engineering is actually several specialized service companies in one. More than a specialist, a full service company that can handle it all from start to finish. When you need a quality repair shop to repair a turbine, or pump, or compressor, or fan, or blower, or gearbox. Our organization  will be there to services them all and has positioned itself  to provide the highest level of quality. And all our services are turnkey.


Steam Turbine Repair

MRE offers turnkey repair and
servicing of industrial and utility
steam turbines

Compressor Repair


Turbine Component Repair

Gearbox Repair Services

Pumps Servicing and Repair

Extruder Repair Services